Thursday, June 11, 2009

Notes 26

-My father seems to no exactly what things cost too.
-My dad doesn't like throwing food away either.
- That's true, people do like to flash their wealth or new items.
-I admit, I like to flash too.
-Our taxes are wasted because our neighborhoods and streets are rarely fixed.
-Did Chris' father really make his brother eat chicken out of the trash?
-Why is a 35 year old still living in his parents house?
-How can you not like gambling but play the lottery?
-What is the purpose of minimum wage?
-Chris talks about his father being cheap, playing the lottery, taxes, minimum wage, and people living with their parents at old ages.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Notes 25


-kids are still cruel now a days.

-it must have been rough being the black kid in school for Chris.

-its already weird bumping into to old friends, but bumping into your old bully is worse.

-I feel Chris' pain, popping bubble wrap is addictive.

-I agree, no one is forced to take drugs, they chose to.


-Why are Jehovah's Witnesses so aggressive?

- why do people blame drug dealers for drug problems when no one is forced to take them?

-Why do people like layaway so much wen ur actually paying more for the product?

-Why do people wait till the last minute to pay bills?






-Imagery: "Then he'd point to the floor like he was in a Sprint commercial..."

-Metaphor: refering to a spilt soda as a lost dollar.


-Chris talks about meeting his old high school bully after becoming famous,layaway,paying bills at the last minute and his view on drug dealers and drug addicts.

The Final Roar Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For my Roar finale, I'm reading Rock This! Its a book by famous comedian Chris Rock about his views on certain ideas and issues in America. Its was written in 1997, so its a little out dated but some things still apply to our current day and age. This is by far the funniest Roar book I've read. In fact, its the funniest book I've read period.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Notes 24

-No one will ever guess how Roscoe died.
-The hit man's scheme was very well planned.
-Roscoe wasn't careful enough on the day of his death.
-It took awhile for them to find Roscoe's body.
-I think his son wanted him dead.
-Why does the hit man's boss want Roscoe dead?
-What is the hit man's plan?
-Who is the hit man's boss?
-Who is the hit man?
-Multimillionaire-a person who possesses a fortune that amounts to many millions of dollars, francs, etc.
-Maintenance-care or upkeep, as of machinery or property
-Military Intelligence- An agency of the armed forces that procures, analyzes, and uses information of tactical and strategic military value
-Imagery- "... Green was at the bottom of the Hudson River with a knife in his back and a twenty-pound block of concrete attached to his foot."
-Hyperbole- "...he could see a seemingly endless square tunnel..."
-In this part of the book, Micheal Roscoe was killed in an elevator "accident" created by a mystery hit man.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Book

My new roar book is one of a series. Its belongs to the Alex Rider series of books written by Anthony Horowitz. Its called Point Blank and is the second book, the first being Stormbreaker which was made into a movie in 2006.

The book starts off with billionaire Michael J. Roscoe being mysteriously killed by killed by an assassin disguised as an elevator repair man. So far the book is good. Fiction is my favorite genre and the only one I really enjoy reading. I liked the Stormbreaker movie so hopefully I'll like this book too.

Well, until my next entry,


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Notes 23


1-The same hardware is required for all types of wireless technology.

2-The hardware must take an electrical signal, put it on a carrier wave, and convert it into an RF signal.

3-The signal is converted back into an electrical signal, separated from the carrier wave ant interpreted in some way.

4-This process is done using a transmitter, an antenna, and a receiver.

5-Each piece of hardware is used to complete a certain part of the process.


1-What happens if one of the objects are missing?

2-Are there devices that carry out two functions?

3-Does an antenna's size affect its strength?



1-Transceiver-a device that includes both a transmitter and a receiver.

2-Transmitter-a device that sends RF siganls carrying information.

3-Receiver-a device that receives info from an antenna and processes the info so that it can be used in some way.


1-This section talks about how transmitters, receivers, and antennas work.

Notes 22


1-Information can be transmitted as radio, TV, voice, or data.

2-All info is transmitted as analog or digital.

3-Waves are analog because they are continuous.

4-Digital data piggybacks on analog waves to be transmitted.

5-Data is now mostly sent in digital format.


1-Why does digital data have to piggyback on analog data?

2-Why is data more commonly sent on digital waves now?

3-What causes analog data to turn into digital data?

4-Why must data be processed before being sent?


1- Analog data-information represented as a continuous wave in which there can be infinite variations between two points.

2-Digital Data- Data represented as bits that are either on or off.

3-Noise-electromagnetic radiation.


1-This section talks about how data travels on wireless waves.